Policies and Rates



Private lessons are in my music studio which is in my home. The only exception is for students that are taught online.


Lesson tuition includes weekly lessons for the semester, 2 group classes, and a recital during the last month of each semester (except for online students) and an accompanist for trombone players. The lesson schedule will generally follow the Alpine School District calendar to accommodate for holidays and school breaks.

Below you will see the semester fee. You are welcome to pay the semester fee in full or in monthly installments. Please talk to me if this is not possible. If there is a holiday or vacation time for yourself or myself, you will be offered a makeup lesson.

Semesters are as follows: Fall (Aug – Dec), Spring (Jan – May), Summer (Jun – July).


30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

Fall/Spring semesters paid in full




Fall/Spring semesters paid over five months








1 lesson




Payment Instructions:

I take payment by check, PayPal, Google Wallet, and debit/cards. I add a $2-4 if you use any method other than a check because of the transactions fees. Make checks out to “Alexis Smerdon”, not Smerdon Music Studios. Please do not bring cash or a money order.

Payment is due at the first lesson of the month. If it is not paid by the second lesson, a $10 late fee will be added.

Refunds, Roll-overs, and Make-up Lessons:

Refunds: There are no refunds for cancelled or missed lessons, including due to illness. Just like a gym membership or college tuition, refunds will not be offered for what you do not use because you are paying to reserve a time slot in my schedule.

Make-up lessons: However, I always allow make-up lessons if it fits into my schedule. Any make-up lessons accumulated must be used that semester and not reserved for later semesters. There are a few options for using make up lessons that are accumulated. First is the week of fall/spring break if I am not on vacation. Second is the week after the recital is reserved for make-up lessons. Third is scheduling 2 lessons in one week, also called doubling up if I have availability. Use my booking site https://smerdonmusicstudios.youcanbook.me to schedule your make-up lessons. If I need to cancel a lesson, I will give you a make-up lesson so that you receive the correct number of lessons.

Roll-overs: I also do not allow you to roll over any money that you did not “use”. For example, if you had 3 lessons in the month because you cancelled the 4th lesson, you are not allowed to roll over the money paid for the 4th lesson to the next month.

Instructions for Lessons:

Please come on time with your music ready to go. Extra time will not be given if started late because you were not ready.

Allow 5 minutes before or after each lesson to talk about scheduling needs, performance of your child, etc.

Note to Parents: Please do not manage, talk to, or talk for your child while I am teaching. I know this can be hard, but it makes it harder on the children and myself. I will look to you if I need anything. Never scold your child during lessons or outside of lessons for not performing as well in a lesson as they have practiced at home. It takes many years to be consistent. Also, please silence your cell phones including the media volume for when you watch videos. Please answer phone calls outside of the music room, not inside.