Music Theory and Ear Training

Music theory and ear training are core skills that all necessary for all musicians. Private study of music theory and ear training is beneficial to those already taken private lessons on their instrument and students interested in composing and/or arranging.

The following topics will be covered in music theory:

  • Music reading and notation
  • Major and minor scales
  • Intervals
  • Modes
  • Triads and seventh chords
  • Figured bass and inversions
  • Part-writing
  • Analyzing music

Ear training skills to be learned:

  • Identify ¬†intervals, scales, modes, triads, and seventh chords by ear
  • Sing intervals, scale, modes, triads, and seventh chords
  • Sight sing melodies, harmonies, and rhythms
  • Dictate 4-part chorale style writing, melodies, and rhythms